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Pick a Topic, Now Vote!

... on the modern social issues, that mater!


Swayr is a voting and opinions led site for the modern generation. Pick topics that interest you and then vote on anything and everything.

The Swayr team give you the facts around the subjects that matter to you so you can make your own minds up.


This is what you do:

Pick a topic




Read the article, hear the facts


Comment with your opinions

Have you been swayed or have you swayed others?


Use #hash-tags (e.g Audi-R8), to vote within a comment and create trending votes.

If your #hash-tag gets enough up-votes, it starts to hold sway and trend




If you want to know how your friends would vote, share it. 

Some things to note:

Up voting a comment adds sway to that user’s profile

Down voting takes sway away

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