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Pick a Topic, Vote on and Discuss the Social Issues that matter to you.

(swayr or swayer means someone who.is able to influence others in their opioion)

(non biased and factual information for your to decide)

Get out of the Echo Chamber and into Real Life. 

"Swayr is a new age media platform"

An online publisher covering Modern Social Issues and Urban Politics. We allow you to vote on the issues that affect your life or the lives of the people you know. Not a boring political site, we offer a more approachable, friendly and subtle view of the real world around us.


Swayr is the modern debate and opinion site for generations Y - Z.  We are the generations that were born between 1980 - 2000.  We are the super connected and more tolerant of differences in others than our parents were, we grew up with the internet and mobile phones, and most of us spend our lives on social media. 


Swayr offers something that social networks do not, anonymity and the chance to be yourself without worrying that your comments will appear in your bosses feed.  We take privacy and opinions very seriously and believe that you should always have the choice to freedom of speech (as long as it does not hurt anyone).


Through our dedicated debating platform we try to cut out the factory noise that plaques most comment sections of social media and make it easier to find the discussions and topics you are interested in. 


We try to offer discussions in an objective way. Swayr follows no specific ideology and as open minded creators we want to hear what you have to say. 


Modern times, call for modern actions. It's here, that you have a voice!


Now go and vote, where your opinion matters!


Editorial Integrity

We pride ourselves on non-biased, trustworthy and factual editorial which may help you make up your mind on subjects you may never have agreed on before.

To show the authenticity of our content, every article contains personal interviews we have taken with leading key opinion leaders or influencers in that specialism. From professors at universities, to real people, living in real situations. Our articles are in-depth, because we take the time to speak to experts who help us evaluate the truth.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions

As Brits and Americans, we are a diverse, multicultural crowd of opinionated individuals.


Do you know that:

83% of British people don't trust the UK government.

65% of Britons have a favourable view of Americans

42% of Americans believe in ghosts

46% of Americans disagree that ongoing climate change is largely the result of human activity


...And we all have our own opinions (even if they sometimes seem crazy to others). Here’s an opinion from Donald Trump 30th March 2016:

MSNBC journalist Chris Matthews asks: “Do you believe in punishment for abortion – yes or no – as a principle?”

Donald trump replies: “The answer is there has to be some form of punishment”

MSNBC journalist Chris Matthews asks: “For the woman?”

Donald trump replies: “Yeah, there has to be some form”


So you see, we all have our own opinions for different reasons.